Get Shipping Documents and Labels

Thank you for ordering our shipping materials from us.

You have selected to send us your diamond or gold jewelry in your own box. We would like to supply you with our shipping documents and labels for your convenience.

Follow these simple instructions:

1. Click on the icon below to download and print 2 copies of the Customer Mail-in Inventory Record & Receipt Form.

You will need Adobe Reader to view the PDF document listed above.
If you do not have Adobe Reader, please click here to download a FREE copy.

2. Fill out the Customer Mail-in Inventory Record & Receipt Form completely and sign. Pack 1 copy of the form in your box, along with your diamond or gold jewelry. Keep 1 copy for your records.
3. Do not use reused boxes or over pack the items with protective materials.
4. Do not scotch tape items in tissue that will make it difficult for us to remove safely We suggest small zip lock bags.
5. Attach the shipping label on your box.

Shipments should be sent to:
Diamond Attorney Inc.
The Law Office of A. Don Forester
3015 Caroline, 2nd Floor
Houston, Texas 77004

We recommend using USPS Registered Insured Mail

Suggestions for Mailing

If you feel that your item(s) have high value, we suggest you mail the package Registered. The U.S. Post Office will insure packages up to $50,000. The Post Office is so careful with these packages that every day the jewelry industry sends millions of dollars worth of jewelry Registered Mail. We have never lost a package sent by Registered mail.
Postal regulations require that you cover all of the seams with mailing tape. If you do not have proper tape, the clerk at the Post Office will assist you.

Get Shipping Documents and Labels - Files

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