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Established Law Firm
The Law Offices of A. Don Forester was established in 1974 by Directing Attorney, A. Don Forester, who has extensive experience in legal matters.

Mr. Forester and his expert associates are trained in all facets of buying large diamonds for their client base. As a law firm, we are governed by the State Bar Code of Ethics. Our group operates within the strictest rules, providing you with a thorough, honest and confidential transaction.

Give us a call and you'll see the difference when dealing with professionals.
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Attorney-Client Privilege Protection
As a client, all communication between you and the Law Firm is protected and kept strictly confidential. This encourages open and honest communication between clients and the firm, and ensures that confidential matters are not disclosed to third parties.

Our goal is for you to have a positive experience and feel assured that you're in good hands. We will handle the transaction of buying your Diamond and Gold as we would any legal matter. When we quote you a price, be assured its based on current world market conditions.

Find out how our process can provide you a FREE quote for your diamond, send you a free shipping container, and pay for all costs at the completion of the deal.

If you would like to learn more about Diamonds and appraisals, please click on Understanding Diamonds or Understanding Appraisals.

Our Guarantee

Diamond Attorney guarantees your diamond is safe with us. Diamond Attorney will not remove your diamond without your permission. The removal of a diamond from its setting is usually not necessary unless there is a specific reason to weigh the stone. Perhaps in 5% of the cases, the actual weighing of the diamond many become a benefit. Of course, we prefer not to remove a stone unless absolutely necessary and then, if so, your permission will be requested before any further action is taken. We have very tight controls when handling your diamond and we video all merchandise received from the time the package is opened and verified to be as stated.
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"Should you deal with an unknown over the internet or with a reputable licensed Attorney for over 30 years?"