Our Guarantee

Diamond Attorney understands that sending your diamond through the mail can be a real concern for almost everyone. However, understanding this, we have implemented procedures not only to protect you, but also to insure our safe handling of these matters. Diamond Attorney operates under the strictest rules providing you with a thorough, honest and confidential transaction.

Diamond Attorney guarantees your diamond is safe while in our possession.

Diamond Attorney will not remove your diamond without your permission. The removal of a diamond from its setting is usually not necessary unless there is a specific reason to weigh the stone. Perhaps in 5% of the cases, the actual weighing of the diamond may become a benefit. Of course, we prefer not to remove a stone unless absolutely necessary and then, if so, your permission will be requested before any further action is taken. We have very tight controls when handling your diamond.

The decision to sell your diamond is solely up to you. After we have a chance to view your diamond we will make you a firm offer, if you do not accept this offer, we will immediately return the diamond to you unharmed and insured.

Our goal is for you to have a positive experience and feel assured that you're in good hands.

We handle the transaction of buying your diamond as we would any legal matter.

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"Should you deal with an unknown over the internet or with a reputable licensed Attorney for over 30 years?"