Sell Us Your Gold


We buy scrap gold of any nature, be it old rings, chains, dental gold or lockets. We also buy Platinum. Selling your scrap gold is safe and your satisfaction is guaranteed.

You can sell us your scrap gold or jewelry in 3 easy steps
  1. Contact Us
  2. Send us your scrap gold or jewelry
  3. Receive your money

1. Contact Us

2. Send Us Your Scrap Gold Or Jewelry

We will mail you a Free GoldPOD container. Our GoldPOD will be shipped first class mail so you may simply place your scrap gold in the Mailing Pod and return it to us. We pay based on the latest market trends. Click here to see today's gold prices. Payment shall be then issued to you in accordance with the pricing we have quoted you.

CUSTOMER SATISFACTION IS TOTALLY GUARANTEED. If for any reason you have a change of heart or decide you have been treated unfairly, all you need to do is return our check to us within ten (10) days and we will promptly return your items fully Guaranteed Against Loss.

Lets get started!.
You may select from one of the mailing options below:
Review our section on insurance/guarantee in our GoldPOD: Terms & Conditions.     

3. Receive Your Money

Lets talk about what we're going to pay you.

All jewelry made from gold is different in the amount of pure gold (24 carat) it has in it. There is 9K, 10K, 14K, 16K (dental), 18K, etc.

Diamond Attorney pays you a fixed amount free of all handling fees of any kind. We pay in accordance with the weight of the various items after separating them into their percentage of pure gold.

Remember, you send us the Gold, we send you the check! If you are not satisfied, return the check and we will return the items.

Don't wait any longer. Send us a request for the GoldPOD. We know that these are times when you need immediate cash. In these cases you can call us and we'll make arrangements to have your gold picked up.

Request GoldPOD
GoldPOD is our package to place your gold items in and return to us via the U.S. mail

Your shipment is "Guaranteed Against Loss".
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