To What Extent Do Cut and Proportion Affect Value In Diamonds?

Excellently cut and proportioned stones cost significantly more per carat than those that are not cut well. The following will give a very basic idea of the monetary effect of some of the most frequently encountered defects in cut and proportion.
  • Table is not a reasonably accurate octagon: 2% - 15% off
  • Girdle is too thick: 5% - 20% off
  • Symmetry of crown facets off: 5% - 15% on round, Less on fancy cuts since defect is not so easily seen
  • Asymmetrical culet: 2% - 5% off
  • Misaligned culet: 5% - 25% off
  • Stone too shallow: 15% - 20% off
  • Stone too thick: 10% - 30% off
  • Slightly thin crown: 5% - 20% off
  • Slightly thick crown: 5% - 15% off
As you can see, there is a fairly wide range here, depending upon the severity of the error, and only an experienced professional can determine the extent to which the value of a given stone may be lessened. But a quick computation can show that a stone, which suffers from several errors (which is fairly common), could certainly have its price per carat significantly reduced.
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