Internal Flaws or Inclusions

Pinpoint - This is a small, usually whitish (although it can be dark) dot that is difficult to see. A group of pinpoints is simply a cluster of pinpoint flaws, and cannot be classified as VVS. A cloud of pinpoints is hazy and is not easily seen.
  • Dark spot - This may be a small crystal inclusion or a thin, flat inclusion that reflects light like a mirror. It may also appear as a silvery, metallic reflector.
  • Colorless crystal - This is often a small crystal of diamond, although it may be another mineral. Sometimes it appears very small, sometimes large enough to substantially lower the flaw grade to SI2 or even I1. A small group of colorless crystals lowers the grade from possible VS2 to I3.
  • Feather - This is another name for a crack. A feather is not dangerous if it is small and does not break out through a facet. Thermoshock or ultrasonic cleaners can make it larger.
  • Growth or grain lines - These can be seen only when examining the diamond while slowly rotating it. They appear and disappear usually instantaneously. They will appear in a group of two, three, or four pale brown lines. If they cannot be seen from the crown side of the diamond and are small, they will not affect the grade adversely.
  • Laser treatment - Used today to make flaws less visible, this improves the stone aesthetically. For example, a black spot can be "vaporized" and will practically disappear. However, the laser holes can be seen with a 10x loupe, looking like fine straight white threads.
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